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Title of publication: Effects of Vitamin D3 Deficiency on Performance in Football players.

Khadijeh J Menai, Ali Irani, Roli Dave

International Journal of Current Research and Review, 58-63, 12(24), 2020

Link: https://ijcrr.com/uploads/3203_pdf.pdf


Introduction: Football is a sport where speed and kicking performance are of utmost importance for most of the actions during the sport. Such intense actions require vitamin D at optimal levels. There is a global prevalence of vitamin D deficiency even in countries with ample sunlight, India being an example.70%–100% of the general population in India is considered to have low vitamin D levels. Very few studies have aimed at finding out the vitamin D status in sportsmen while maximum studies have addressed the community in general. Objective: The study aims at finding out the prevalence of vitamin D3 deficiency along with the effects of its deficiency on the kicking performance in football players. Methods: This experimental study was carried out on 150 elite level football players from local clubs and academies across Mumbai city. All the subjects went through a screening blood test to determine vitamin D3 levels. Performance parameters were analyzed by assessing side kick distance, instep kick distance and kick velocity both at the beginning and end of 4 weeks supplementation. Results: Paired T-test was used to analyze the data which showed statically significant improvement in sidekick distance, instep kick distance and kick velocity post 4 weeks of vitamin D3 supplementation. About 87% players recorded vitamin D3 levels < 30 ng/ml (nanograms/milliliter) and 99% players recorded vitamin D3 < 40 ng/ml (nanograms/milliliter). Conclusion: We concluded that the vitamin D3 level in professional football players in Mumbai city is far below optimal. Supplementation may improve their performance and speed in terms of kick distance and kick velocity. Key Words: Sidekick distance, Instepkick distance, Kick velocity, Vitamin D deficiency.

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