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Rashmi Nautiyal- Student - Integrated M.Sc+Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Mitesh Joshi - Student - Ph.D (Biological Sciences)


Rachel Correia - Student - M.Sc Biological Sciences

Ms. Hiral Khakar - Student - Integrated M.Sc+PhD (Biological Sciences)


Siddhi Tripathi , M.Sc. (Applied Statistics and Analytics)
Batch: 2018 - 2020

Manvi Pareek - M.Sc. (Applied Statistics and Anaytics)


Ms. Isha Soni , M.Sc (Applied Statistics and Analytics)

                   Ms. Gita Singh , Ph.D.(Chemistry)

Ms.Ikshika Mittal
5 - Year Integrated M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences


Sunandan Divatia School of Science NMIMS, has provided me the opportunity to pursue my dream of doing exemplary research. The facilities offered at NMIMS, clubbed with the expertise helped me achieve my dream of publishing my work in the renowned, Royal Society of Chemistry Journal, Nanoscale. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to submit my work in this journal that has an impact factor of 7.36 but my mentor, Dr. Purvi Bhatt was a constant support system and her encouragement has helped me achieve this dream of having my first paper published in Nanoscale. I appreciate and am grateful for all the efforts that the Institute takes to help students achieve their dreams.

Maneka Hoonjan

Year- IV, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)



"Journey with Sunandan Divatia School of Science has been filled with numerous learning experiences. The institute inculcated a sense of leadership, self-independence, and responsibility in me. At SDSOS, I developed a mindset of critical thinking, which assisted me throughout my research work and certainly will help in my future endeavors. I express my respect and gratitude to all my teachers for their generous help and guidance. Also best wishes to all my friends at SDSOS.”

Thakur NirmlaDevi

Ph.D. (Biological Science)



"NMIMS was akin to my true companion for a journey of five long years. The quality education and discipline I learned from this institution and its eminent faculty was immense and cannot be described in few words. The institute as a whole has given me tremendous opportunities to nurture myself and develop my research aptitude in every possible way. I was always given a free and liberated environment to imagine, think and cultivate any idea but was never dejected or disheartened by any type of failure. The interdisciplinary approach followed in this institution makes it a vulnerable combination of unique experiences, viewpoints and broaden horizons. There are many more reasons to be a part of this emerging institution which always gives me a sense to cherish my experience with this institution.”

Purva Sanganeria Sethi

Ph.D. (Biological Science)



"It is my pleasure and source of pride and honour to be a part of the prestigious NMIMS, Sunandan Divatia School of Science where all the faculty members are so strongly dedicated in making themselves, their students and Sunandan Divatia School of Science community as a whole the pillar of higher education.

NMIMS, SDSOS has not only helped me in developing the perfect instinct but has also helped me in making myself more presentable through academics as well as the pragmatic experience gained while working on live industrial projects.

I was never a diamond with brilliance but these two years have definitely given me some brilliant cuts inculcating in me the sense of leadership, self-independence and responsibility which would prove to be a landmark in my career.

The M. Sc. Statistics course offered here makes students well prepared no lesser than a management student for the corporate world. I have a lot to mention in my card but I would just end this up by saying that I have been a great beneficiary of the quality education offered by SDSOS and would recommend this institute to any young student looking for a right place to study Statistics.”

Sapna Tiwari

M.Sc. Statistics 2014-2016



"It's been a privilege to be a part of Sunandan Divatia School of Science for these two amazing years, which have helped not only me but all of my classmates to develop further as a Science student. The experience of the Faculty and their guidance have been the stepping stone for me in pursuing my career in right direction.

I take with me many memories of working hard for practicals with my classmates and enjoying every day. I wish the Sunandan Divatia School of Science more success in years to come.”

Chetan Patil

M.Sc. Biological Sciences 2014-2016



"The M.Sc. Statistics program of Sunandan Divatia School of Science is so designed that it gives you the right taste of the corporate through the summer internship and also through the 6 months project. Though it may seem that this course emphasizes just on industrial applications of statistics, over the course of 2 years, I have realized that there is a perfect balance maintained between theory of Statistics which is essential too since it's a MSc Statistics course. In fact it was not just a course where we were just taught Statistics and it's applications, I would like to call it a personality development training as the 2 years at SDSOS have really shaped me as better and smart corporate ready individual.

I thank the amazing faculty of Statistics Department at NMIMS SDSOS for grooming and shaping my career really well.”

Aishwarya Rajan Deshmukh

M.Sc. Statistics 2014-2016



"These two years in Sunandan Divatia School of Science have been an awesome experience of growing into something better. It's not only confined to the theory and practical knowledge in Biological Science that we received, but it holds as the overall betterment that will definitely be useful in life. The credit of all this goes to the entire staff (teaching and non-teaching staff) of School of Science and their help and support and the positive outlook that kept us going. Not to forget their strictness towards us, but I suppose it is needed sometimes. In a gist I would say that the time spent in School of Science has been really memorable and will be cherished long way.”

I thank the amazing faculty of Statistics Department at NMIMS SDSOS for grooming and shaping my career really well.”

Seema Y. Bhatia

M.Sc. Biological Science 2014-2016



"As we are moving ahead in post graduate life, it is essential to thank those who supported and helped us throughout our 2 years of journey. NMIMS Sunandan Divatia School of Science provided us the foundation on which we are going to build our future and move ahead.

It provided us with the theoretical knowledge which is an essence to skill based education and the patient exposure provided in Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital sharpen our hands on techniques and skills. To add on, the cherry on the cake was the soft skill lectures which helped us learn professional ethics and improved our communication skills. The fantastic cultural programme brought out the fun and creative side in each one of us from the regular routine. NMIMS not only showed us the right path but also guided us to our destination by providing us with placement committee.

NMIMS Sunandan Divatia School of Science was overall a learning experience in all aspects. Continue to do the same. Thank you for all of it.”

Dr. Shivani Prakash Pandey

MPT (Neurosciences) 2014-2016

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