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Students working in the  Chemistry LabStudents working in the  Chemistry Lab
Students working in the  Chemistry LabStudents working in the  Chemistry Lab
Students working in the  computer LabStudents working in the  Chemistry Lab
Students working in the  Chemistry Lab



NMIMS with its state of the art library has progressed a good deal by acquiring different kind of documents especially e-form, cataloguing and processing them appropriately, storing and giving access to its patrons not only in library premises, but on the desktops from any part of the world. The Library database (OPAC), which is currently on intranet, gives detailed information about library sources including books (more than 41,000), Journals (315), E- journals (more than 5000), databases (14) and technical reports with different search tools for its users. Users can access more than 5000 full text journals covering titles published by Elsevier (ScienceDirect), Springer, John Wiley, etc. and from the aggregators like Ebsco and Proquest. Links to various databases like CMIE, Capital Markets, ISI Emerging Markets are also made available through OPAC. The Learning Resource provides a number of innovative information services including Journal Content Service, News Clipping Service, and Monthly Documents Additions Lists.

NMIMS Library has transformed, from a traditional library with manual transactions to an Electronic library and now is heading to Digital Library. These are more than 900 e-books exclusively for the Sunandan Divatia School of Science.

Computing / IT

The Computer centre is equipped with branded personal computers adequately supported by a 3mbps shared leased line for Internet connectivity. It is also equipped with a wide range of licensed system software and applications software. The entire campus is connected with wi-fi network.

Computer Lab

The computer lab at the Sunandan Divatia School of Science has forty computers with 8 GM RAM and connected to internet exclusively for students. Apart from that, two computer labs with 80 workstations connected to internet are available for the use of the students at the main Computer Lab at NMIMS. Instructors are also regularly available to assist students in planning and implementing their projects.

Lab Facility

The labs at SDSOS are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and latest equipment to carry our research in cutting edge areas like Nanosciences, Stem Cells and Cancer Research. A list of the available equipment are listed below:

  • Electro Chemical Work Station – Metrohm Autolab
  • Real Time PCR - Applied Bio systems
  • Class II Biosafety Cabinet - Esco
  • Laminar Air Flow (2) - Clean Air
  • 2710 Thermal cycler (PCR machine) - Applied Biosystems (Lab India)
  • ELISA reader - Biorad
  • HPLC-UV (2) - Jasco (1), Agilent (1)
  • HPLC-UV/Fluorescence, - Jasco 1500 Series
  • Electro chemical detector - ESA Coulchem II
  • Photo Diode Array (PDA) detector - Jasco
  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography/Extraction – UV - Jasco 900 Series
  • UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (2) - Jasco V – 550 (1), Perkin Elmer (1)
  • FT/IR - Jasco – 460 Plus
  • Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope - Carl Zeiss
  • Laboratory Microscopes (10) - Labomed CXL-HT
  • CO2 Incubator - ThermaElectron
  • MBE 2000 Liquid Nitrogen Cryosystem - MBE
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge (2) - Eppendorf (1), Eltek RC 650S (1)
  • Tabletop centrifuge (2) - Eltek (1), Remi (1)
  • Mini Centrifuge - Tarsons
  • Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Unit - Technosource Pvt Ltd
  • Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Unit (3) - Technosource Pvt Ltd
  • Power Pack – for Electrophoresis (3) - Technosource (1), Ginei (2)
  • Electrotransfer Unit - Technosource Pvt Ltd
  • UV Cabinet with photodocumentation - Camag
  • -20 °C Deep Freezer (2) - Revco (1), Siemens (1)
  • Refrigerators (4) - LG (3), Samsung (1)
  • Incubator - Meta-Lab
  • Single Platform Rocker - Neolab
  • Waterbath (2) - Technosys (1), Metalab (1)
  • pH meter - Eutech Instrument
  • Analytical Digital balance (2) - Presica (1), Shimandzu (1)
  • Distillation Unit - Qualigens
  • Research Pipettes - Eppendrof
  • Training Pipettes - Thermo Finnpipette
  • Speedovap - Caterpiller
  • Ultra Sonicator - Dakshin
  • Dissolution - Lab India  2000
  • Karl Fischer - VeegoMatic – MD
  • Solid Phase Extractor (SPE) - Orochem Technologies Ezypress 48
  • Disintegration - Veego
  • 3 Parts differential blood cell counter - Mythic 18
  • Hemoglobin testing system (Hb electro & A,C testing) - D – 10 Bio – Rad
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