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PATENTS – 2020

1. Title of patent: Development of nanoparticle-coated, self-sterilizing battery operated mask with enhanced microbial protection.

Name of the author: Neetin Desai, Vrushali S. Joshi, Jeevan R. Pradhan

Patent No. and Country 202021044468, India

Year: 2020

2. Title of patent: Development of economically viable, reusable battery-operated, self-sterilizing respirator using copper foil.

Name of the author: Neetin Desai, Vrushali S. Joshi, Jeevan R. Pradhan

Patent No. and Country 202021039028, India

Year: 2020



  1. Chikhaliwala P, Schlegel W, Lang H, Chandra S (2020). Inkjet printed patterns of polyamidoamine dendrimer functionalized magnetic nanostructures for future biosensing device application. Journal of Material Science. 2020. Doi: 10.1007/s10853-020-05639-7.
  2. Deepti Somayajula, Sagar Barge and Neetin Desai (2020) Characterization of tissue specific expressed proteins and metabolites in Cenchrus polystachion (L.) Schult and their role in apomixes Jr. of Phytology, 12: 40-25.
  3. Shetty A, Chandra S (2020). Inorganic hybrid nanoparticles in cancer theranostics: Understanding their combinations for better clinical translation. Materials Today Chemistry 18: 100381 (15pp).
  4. Sagar Barage, A. Karthic, Rohit Bavi, Neetin Desai, Raj Kumar, Vikas Kumar & Keun Woo Lee (2020). Identification and characterization of novel RdRp and Nsp15 inhibitors for SARS-COV2 using computational approach, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, DOI: 10.1080/07391102.2020.1841026
  5. Rao JP, Chandrani AN, Powar A, Chandra S (2020). Preparation, characterization and release behaviour study of oxyfluorfen polyurea capsules: Phytotoxicity study on Paddy crop. Designed Monomers and Polymers 23: 155-163.

      6. Rahul V. Khandare, Anuprita D. Watharkar, Pankaj K. Pawar, Anil A. Jagtap and Neetin S. Desai (2020) Hydrophytic plants Canna indica, Epipremnum ureum, Cyperus                alternifolius and Cyperus rotundus for phytoremediation of fluoride from water, Environmental Technology and Innovation. doi.org/10.1016/j.eti.2020.101234.

  1. Shelat R, Bhatt LK, Paunipagar B, Kurian T, Khanna A, Chandra S (2020). Regeneration of hyaline cartilage in osteochondral lesion model using L-lysine magnetic nanoparticles labeled mesenchymal stem cells and their in vivo imaging. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 14: 1604-1617.
  2. Neha Nohwar,Rahul V. Khandare,Neetin S. Desai (2020). Media optimization studies and production of adenosylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) by environment friendly organismRhizobiumspp. J. App. Biol. Biotech; 8(6): 38-47.
  3. Sakhalkar M, Choudhury RP, Bhakthavatsalam V, Lande SV, Pradhan J, Chandra S (2020). Deep compositional understanding of TBA:AlCl3 ionic liquid for its applications. Journal of Molecular Structure 1222: 128936 (10pp).
  4. Sakhalkar M, Lande S, Chandra S (2020). Facile and selective mono benzylation of naphthalene using atom efficient chloroaluminate ionic liquid. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds https://doi.org/10.1080/10406638.2020.1802304.
  5. Pamela Jha, Moksha Pathan, Akshara Iyer, Renitta Jobby and Neetin Desai (2020) Role of Glycosyl Hydrolases in Breakdown of Lignocellulosic Waste and Its Industrial Applications. In book: Industrial application of Glycoside Hydrolases, Publisher: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-4767-6_4.

     12. Pawar A, Pandita N (2020). Statistically designed, targeted profile UPLC method development for assay and purity of haloperidol in haloperidol drug substance and                       haloperidol 1 mg tablets. Chromatographia 83: 725–737.

  1. Priyanka Lonakadi, Renitta Jobby, Neetin Desai, Pamela Jha (2020). Biochemical Dynamics of Plant-Microbe Interactions. Plant Microbiome Paradigm, 267-292.
  2. Singh G, Chandra S (2020). Nano-flowered manganese doped ferrite@PANI composite as energy storage electrode material for supercapacitors. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 874: 114491 (11pp).
  3. Chikhaliwala P, Chandra S (2020). Poly-amidoamine dendrimers@Fe3O4 based electrochemiluminescent nanomaterials for biosensing of liver cancer biomarkers. Electroanalysis 32: 2404-2414.
  4. Pamela Jha, Rajdip Sen, Renitta Jobby, Shilpee Sachar, Shruti Bhatkalkar, and Neetin Desai (2020). Biotransformation of xenobiotics by hairy roots. Phytochemistry doi.org/10.1016/j.phytochem.2020.112421.
  5. Arora S, Sappa S, Hinkelman K, and Islam K (2020). Engineering a methyllysine reader with a photoactive amino acid in mammalian cells, Chemical Communications 56: 12210-12213.
  6. Sakhalkar M, Aduri PK, Lande S, Chandra S (2020). Single step synthesis of novel chloroaluminate ionic liquid for green Friedel-Crafts alkylation reaction. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 22: 59-71.
  7. Shah HD, Saranath D, Pradhan S (2020). Single nucleotide polymorphisms in transcription factor genes associated with susceptibility to oral cancer. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 121(2) 1050-1060.
  8. Parthraj R.Kshirsagar Sandeep R. Pai Govind D. Vyavahare Vishwas A.Bapat Neetin S. Desai (2020) Prospecting alternative source of shikimic acid from clusiaceae of Western Ghats, India and evaluating discrepancies with reference to seasonal variation, developmental stage and sex of Mammea suriga. Industrial Crops and Products 149:112354.

    21. Shaikh K, Mungantiwar A, Halde S, Pandita N (2020). Liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry method for determination of rivaroxaban in human plasma and             its application to a pharmacokinetic study. European Journal of Mass Spectrometry 26 (2), 91-105.

  1. Manohar SM. Insights into the Molecular Drivers of Prostate Cancer (2020). In: Horizons in Cancer Research, ed. Watanabe HS., Nova Science Publishers Inc.,NY, USA, 2020 Vol. 76, pp.1-84. (Invited book chapter).
  2. Anuradha Kirtonia, Kavita Gala, Stina George Fernandes, Gouri Pandya, Amit Kumar Pandey, Gautam Sethi, Ekta Khattar*, Manoj Garg (2020). Repurposing of drugs: An attractive pharmacological strategy for cancer therapeutics. Seminars in Cancer Biology IF: 11. (*corresponding author)
  3. Stina George Fernandes, Rebecca Dsouza, Gouri Pandya, Anuradha Kirtonia, Vinay Tergaonkar, Sook Y Lee*, Manoj Garg*, Ekta Khattar*. Role of Telomeres and Telomeric Proteins in Human Malignancies and Their Therapeutic Potential (2020). Cancers IF: 6.126. (*corresponding author)

    25. Renitta Jobby, Yash Flora, Ambica Bora, Pamela Jha, Hemant Kawalkar and Neetin Desai (2020). Exploring Probiotic Activity of Lactobacillus sp. Isolated from                              Indigenous  Breeds of Cattle Milk and Fecal Samples in Bhatan Village, MH., IN Current Microbiology doi: 10.1007/s0K0284-020-01910-x.

  1. Ekta Khattar*, Vinay Tergaonkar. Role of Rap1 in DNA damage response: Implications in stem cell homeostasis and cancer. Experimental Hematology; 2020. (*corresponding author)
  2. Sahoo S, Kharkar PS, Sahu NU, Brijesh S (2020). Anxiolytic activity of Psidium guajava in mice subjected to chronic restraint stress and effect on neurotransmitters in brain. Phytotherapy Research https://doi.org/10.1002/ptr.6900.

    28. Thakur S, Storewala P, Basak U, Jalan N, Pethe P (2020). Clocking the circadian genes in human embryonic stem cells. Stem Cell Investigation 7:9.

  1. Hema Shiral, R. Swaminathan, R. Patil, R. Khandare and N. Desai (2020) Indian Spices Enhance the Activities of Antibiotics against Human Pathogens Synergistically. Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University 9(1): 66-84.

    30. Wattamwar T, Mungantiwar A, Halde S, Pandita N (2020). Development of simultaneous determination of empagliflozin and metformin in human plasma using liquid                      chromatography-mass spectrometry and application to pharmacokinetics. European Journal of Mass Spectrometry (Chichester) 26(2): 117-130.


  1. Title of patent: Mixed Metal Ferrite Nanoparticles and Method of Synthesis Thereof
    Name of the author: Gita Singh and Sudeshna Chandra
    Patent No. and Country 201821033244, India
    Year: 2018
  2. Title of patent: Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn for Acne vulgaris
    Name of the author: Nancy Satish Pandita, Vinita Dashrath Apraj
    Application No. and Country: 684/MUM/2014, India
    Patent No.: 54572 25/09/15
    Status: Complete specification filed
    Year: 2014 - 2015
  3. Title of patent:Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from Citrus reticulate Blanco for Acne vulgaris
    Name of the author: Nancy Satish Pandita, Vinita Dashrath Apraj
    Application No. and Country: 685/MUM/2014, India
    Status: Complete specification filed
    Year: 2014 - 2015
  4. Title of patent:Determination of Withaferin A in rats by high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) method
    Name of the aurthor: Nancy Satish Pandita, Sweta Vikas Jha
    Application No. and Country: 687/MUM/2014, India
    Patent No.: 54628 25/09/15
    Status: Complete specification filed
    Year: 2014 - 2015


Publications (2017-19)


Sr. No. Authors Title Journal Impact Factor
1 Shelat R, Bhatt LK, Khanna A and Chandra S, A comprehensive toxicity evaluation of novel amino acid modified magnetic ferrofluids for magnetic resonance imaging, Amino Acid, 2019 2.906
2 Chikhaliwala P, Rai R and Chandra S Simultaneous voltammetric immunodetection of alpha-fetoprotein and glypican-3 using a glassy carbon electrode modified with magnetite-conjugated dendrimers Microchimica Acta, 2019 5.705
3 Singh G and Chandra S opper Doped Manganese Ferrites@PANI for Fabrication of Binder-free Nanohybrid Symmetrical Supercapacitors Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2019 3.667
4 Sahoo S, Brijesh S. Pharmacogenomic assessment of herbal drugs in affective disorders. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy 2019. 109: 1148–1162. 3.457
5 Kamble A, Srinivasan S, Singh H. In-Silico Bioprospecting: Finding Better Enzymes Molecular Biotechnology. 2019. 61(1):53-59. 1.815
6 Shelat R, Bhatt LK, Chandra S and Khanna A Detailed toxicity evaluation of β-cyclodextrin coated iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2018. 110, 357-365 3.671
7 Singh G and Chandra S Electrochemical Performance of MnFe2O4 Nano-Ferrites Synthesized Using Thermal Decomposition Method, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2018. 43, 4058-4066 3.582
8 Laheri S, Ashary N, Bhatt P, Modi D. Oviductal glycoprotein 1 (OVGP1) is expressed by endometrial epithelium that regulates receptivity and trophoblast adhesion. Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (JARG). 2018 2.163
9 Hoonjan M, Sachdeva G, Chandra S, Kharkar PS, Sahu N, Bhatt P. Investigation of HSA as a biocompatible coating material for Arsenic Trioxide Nanoparticles. Nanoscale. 2018. 7.36
10 Hoonjan M, Jadhav V, Bhatt P. Arsenic trioxide: insights into its evolution to an anticancer agent. JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. 2018. 1-17 2.89
11 Parmar A, Brijesh S. Niosomes as Transdermal Drug Delivery System. Biomedical Research Journal. 2018. 5(2): 54–63. -
12 Martins J, Brijesh S. Phytochemistry and pharmacology of anti-depressant medicinal plants: A review. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 2018. 104: 343–365. 3.457
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14 Thakkar M, Brijesh S. Physicochemical investigation and in vivo activity of anti-malarial drugs co-loaded in Tween 80 niosomes. Journal of Liposome Research. 2018. 28(4): 315–321. 2.576
15 Singh H, Apte SK. Effect of 60Co-gamma ionizing radiation and desiccation stress on protein profile of Anabaena 7120. The Protein Journal. 2018. 37(6):608-621. 1.133
16 Singh H Desiccation and radiation stress tolerance in cyanobacteria. Journal of Basic Microbiology. 2018. 58 (10), 813-826. 1.58
17 Shah S, Agera R, Sharma P, Sunder AV, Singh H, et al. Development of biotransformation process for asymmetric reduction with novel anti-Prelog NADH-dependent alcohol dehydrogenases. Process Biochemistry. 2018. 70, 71-78. 2.616
18 Singh H, Apte SK. Low concentrations of ethanol during irradiation drastically reduce DNA damage caused by very high doses of ionizing radiation. Journal of Biosciences. 2018. 1-9. 1.53
19 Mokashi P, Bhatt LK, Khanna A, Pandita N. Swertisin rich fraction from Enicostema littorale ameliorates hyperglycemia & hyperlipidemia in high fat fed and low dose streptozotacin induced type 2 diabetes mellitus rats Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 2017. S0753-3322(17)33751-4. 2.75
20 Dutta S, Kharkar P, Sahu N, Khanna A. Molecular docking prediction and in vitro studies elucidate anti-cancer activity of phytoestrogens Life Sciences. 2017. 185: 73-84. 2.93
21 Vaghela M, Sahu N, Kharkar P, Pandita N. In vivo pharmacokinetic interaction by ethanolic extract of Gymnema sylvestre with CYP2C9 (tolbutamide), CYP3A4 (amlodipine) and CYP1A2 (phenacetin) in rats. Chemico-Biological Interactions. 2017. 278:141-151. 3.14
22 Tambe T, Pandita P, et al. Encapsulation of boswellic acid with β- and hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin: Synthesis, characterization, in vitro drug release and molecular modelling studies Journal of Molecular Structure. 2017. 1154: 504-510 1.75
23 Chandra S, Mayer M, Baeumner A. PAMAM dendrimers: A multifunctional nanomaterial for ECL biosensors. Talanta. 2017. 168:126- 129 4.16
24 Kargutkar S and Brijesh S. Anti-inflammatory evaluation and characterization of leaf extract of Ananas comosus. Inflammopharmacology. 2017. 1-7. 2.59
25 Thakkar M and Brijesh S Physicochemical investigation and in vivo activity of anti-malarial drugs co-loaded in Tween 80 niosomes. Journal of Liposome Research. 2017. 08982104.2017.1376684 1.97 Journal of Liposome Research. 2017. 08982104.2017.1376684 1.97

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