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The Sunandan Divatia School of Science has laboratories that are well equipped with state of art facilities for conducting research programs in biological and chemical sciences. There are exclusive laboratories for analytical, microbial, cell biology and pharmacological work.

Tissue Culture Room:

In view of a large number of students interested in working on research projects involving cell culture techniques, the School of Science with support from NMIMS Management has established a state of the art "Animal Tissue Culture (ATC) Laboratory”. The laboratory contains all the necessary facilities that are required for handling cell lines. The basic infrastructure available at the ATC lab includes:

Biosafety Cabinet, Esco Class II
Laminar Hood, Klenzaid
Inverted phase contrast microscope with camera, Carl Zeiss
CO2 incubator, Sanyo and Thermo Scientific Hereaus
Refrigerated centrifuge, Eppendorf

Biology & Chemistry Lab

There are labs dedicated to biology and chemistry research which includes Molecular Biology, Microbiology, PCR and Chemistry Lab 1 and 2. The main instruments and equipments available are:

Step-one Plus Real Time PCR machine, Applied Biosystems
PCR Thermal Cycler, Applied Biosystems
Chemi Doc XR + Gel Documentation system, Bio-Rad
Microplate reader Epoch2, BioTek
Electrochemical workstation, Metrohm Autolab
UV Spectrophotometer Perkin
FTIR, Jasco
UV Spectrophotometer, Jasco
HPLC System, Agilent
PDA Detector, Jasco
Refrigerated Centrifuge, Eppendorf
Ultrasonicator, Cole Palmer
Sonicator, Dakshin
Vertical and Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus, Techno Source
B.O.D. Incubator, Newtronic
Homogenizer, Spinco biotech
Muffle Furnace, Expo Hi-Tech
Vacuum Oven, Expo Hi-Tech
Fume hood, Lab-Tech
Laminar Air flow, Microfilt india
Water purifier, Elga

Computer Lab

The lab contains 40 computer terminals with latest operating systems and software for computational requirements of statistics and bioinformatics







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