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Entrepreneurship is the capacity to use one's unique and creative ideas and channelize it into a successful business enterprise. It is a leading phenomenon amongst the enthusiastic students of today and therefore several colleges have initiated Entrepreneurship cell to foster this interest. NMIMS Sunandan Divatia School of Science has thus initiated with such a platform where students can exchange ideas and receive the right guidance and gain knowledge on initiating a start-up plan.

E-pitome, The Entrepreneurship Cell is an active student-run body E-cell in SDSOS with core members who work on planning various activities, workshops, guidance resources and guest lecture sessions for all the interested students and alumni of School of Science.

The motto is to create a community of entrepreneurs in the school by conducting entrepreneurial activities among the students, to prepare them on various challenges of business and to trigger their spirit on the path towards a successful start-up.

Benefits from the cell:

  • For students currently studying in SDSOS:
    1. Developing a comprehensive insight into various parameters governing entrepreneurship through the interactive sessions conducted by E-cell. 
    2. Complete access to the E-cell resource database for all the relevant information required for a start-up in every business sector 
    3. Regular one-one sessions for interested students on how one should plan and implement a business idea. 
    4. Awareness about different competitions, conferences and seminars related to Entrepreneurship will be provided to School of Science students.
    5. Students willing to participate in entrepreneurship competitions will receive all the guidance and knowledge from E-cell which will in turn help them prepare.
  • For alumni of SDSOS:
    1. Alumni are allowed to collaborate with E-cell on their business ideas and all the required support and information will be given


Event 1: Launch Event of E-pitome, The Entrepreneurship Cell

Event 2: ‘A Walk In Their Shoes’

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