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E-pitome, The Entrepreneurship Cell of NMIMS Sunandan Divatia School of Science, had conducted its second event named ‘A Walk In Their Shoes’ on 22nd December, 2017. The event was held in class room-1 and received a total participation of 22 students from all fields (Statistics, Biology and Chemistry). The honorable judges for the event were Miss Savitri Joshi, Mr. Vinod Malap and Mr. Prashant Dhamale.

Creativity and Solving a problem in the society, are considered to be the essence of a start-up, thus being the purpose of this event. The idea behind ‘A Walk In Their Shoes’ was to make the participants empathize with the startup and at the same time drive them to come up with solutions of their own to the proposed problem. To help the participants understand what was expected in the event better, one of the team members gave a demo to the participants considering the start-up ‘Uber’ as an example. This was followed by a short speech by the President of E-pitome explaining the purpose of the event. The judging criteria was then revealed to the participants so that they can work accordingly.

The participants were randomly divided in groups of 3 and were provided with a case study each of a certain start up. They were given a preparation time of 15 minutes to understand the given problem in the society and to come up with an idea to solve it, which they would have to present to the judges and audience, in the form of a business plan in 5 minutes (per team). The presentation was followed by a Question-Answer Round, both by the judges and the other participants.

The winners for this event were Manal Salesha (T.Y.B.Sc. Applied Statistics and Analytics), Karishma Iyer (M.Sc. Statistics -1) and Dhwani Shah (M.Sc. Biological Sciences -2). The event turned out to be a huge success and accomplished in giving a taste of entrepreneurship to the participants.

The event was concluded by giving a vote of thanks to the invited judges and distributing the prizes to the winners of the event.


1: Participants for 'A Walk In Their Shoes'



2: Participants for 'A Walk In Their Shoes'



3: Presentation given by the winning team



4: Winners being felicitated by the judges


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