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Report on Workshop on Bioinformatics Facility and Resources in collaboration with CDAC, Pune

Organized by: Sunandan Divatia School of Science

Date: 3rd April, 2024


On 3rd April 2024, the Sunandan Divatia School of Science organized a workshop focusing on Bioinformatics Facility and Resources in collaboration with the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) Pune. The aim of the workshop was to provide insights into the available bioinformatics open resources and to foster collaboration between academia and industry in the field of computational biology.

Collaborating Partner: Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) Pune:

The Bioinformatics Group @ C-DAC Pune is dedicated to serving as a provider of computing applications and infrastructure for the bioinformatics community. Led by Dr. Uddhavesh Sonavane, Associate Director, the team includes Mr. Vinod Jani, Scientist E, Mr. Kirit Bhadhadhara, Scientist C, and a team of five other scientists. Their focus lies in building environments for Cloud Computing tailored to computational biology research.

Workshop Highlights:

The workshop aimed to provide exposure to the available open-source software’s for computational biology. Key highlights of the workshop included:

  1. CDAC introduction: Uddhavesh Sonavane, Scientist F, Associate Director.
  2. Bioinformatics activities at CDAC: Vinod Jani, Scientist F.
  3. Anvaya: A tool for genomic data analysis for advances in genomics using Anvaya presented by Mr. Neeraj Bharati, Project leader, CDAC.
  4. Moltoxpred: Utilized for machine learning-based toxicity prediction demo presented by Ms. Anjali Setiya, knowledge associate, CDAC.
  5. DIPCT: Facilitating simulation data analysis demo given by Mr. Nikhil Ramane.
  6. Integrated Computing Environment: Offering a comprehensive platform for various computational biology tasks demo given by Ms. Prachi Barkale, Project engineer, CDAC.
  7. Tango: A software for docking studies crucial in molecular biology research demo presented by Mr. Kirti Bhadhadhara, Scientist C, CDAC.
  8. Resources and Application Facility for Dynamics Simulation: Providing resources and tools for dynamic simulation studies demo given by Mr. Akash Khade, Senior Project leader, CDAC.


The workshop attracted participants from diverse backgrounds including academia, research institutes. Their active participation and engagement reflected the importance and relevance of the workshop's theme. There are total 80 participants from SDSOS, SPTM and BNCP which includes the UG, PG, PhD and faculty members.


Glimpse of workshop on Bioinformatics facility and resources in collaboration with CDAC, Pune




The workshop on Bioinformatics Facility and Resources organized by the Sunandan Divatia School of Science in collaboration with CDAC Pune proved to be a significant initiative in the use of open source software and resources in the field of computational biology. The exposure to various open-source software and resources provided participants with valuable tools to enhance their research endeavors. Such collaborative efforts pave the way for further advancements in the field, fostering innovation and excellence in computational biology.


The organizers extend their gratitude to CDAC Pune for their collaboration and contribution to the success of the workshop. Special thanks to Dr. Uddhavesh Sonavane, Mr. Vinod Jani, Mr. Kirit Bhadhadhara, and their team for their insightful presentations and active participation. The enthusiasm and engagement of all the participants are also acknowledged, as they made valuable contributions to the workshop's success.

Future Directions:

It is hoped that workshops and collaborations of this nature will continue in the future, facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and sharing of resources in the field of computational biology. Such initiatives are essential for driving innovation, fostering interdisciplinary research, and addressing complex challenges in the domain. The Sunandan Divatia School of Science looks forward to organizing more such events and contributing to the advancement of bioinformatics and computational biology through open science. The school is looking forward to make an MOU with CDAC for future collaboration and initiate research activity.

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