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Dr. Purvi Bhatt

Dr. Purvi Bhatt

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Specialization: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Reproductive Biology, Cancer Biology
M.Sc (Microbiology), Ph.D (Biochemistry)


Cancer Biology, Reproductive Biology


17 Years

Dr. Purvi has been working as a full-time faculty at NMIMS Sunandan Divatia School of Science since the time of its inception (September 2007). She has obtained her Bachelors (1995) and Masters (1997) degree in Microbiology from Mithibai College, Mumbai. Later, she obtained her Ph.D degree (Biochemistry) from ICMR’s National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH) in 2003. Following this, she pursued her postdoctoral research at New York University (NYU) Medical Center, (NY, USA) [2003-2006] in the laboratory of Dr. James Borowiec and worked in the area of cancer biology; on the project entitled ‘Regulation of Mdm2 activity by nucleolin’. She later worked as Ad-hoc lecturer at Thadomal Shahani Engineering college teaching students of B.E (Biotechnology) (May – Sept 2007) before joining NMIMS.


Cancer biology, Nanotechnology


·HOD Biological Sciences

·Guiding three students for Ph.D and four students have already completed Ph.D under the guidance

·Teaching Recombinant DNA Technology, Omics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology to B.Sc., M.Sc., Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. and Ph.D. students of Biomedical and Biological Sciences.

·Learning Administrator (LA) at SDSOS for identifying training needs at school level, Part of EAB committee at NMIMS looking at Academic Affairs.


·UV-B Protective Activity and the Effect of Plant Extracts on the Regulation of Haem Oxygenase-1 Gene Via Nrf-2 and Antioxidant Response Element (2016)

·Synthesis of Arsenic Trioxide Nanoparticles and Their Effect In Vitro on Prostate Cancer (2016)

·Deciphering the Extra-Oviductal Role of Oviductal glycoprotein 1 (2018)

·A Comparative Screening of Biocompatible Arsenic Trioxide Nanoparticles on Cancer Cell Lines (2019)


·Fabrication of drug loaded Zinc oxide Nano Assembly for Enhanced Targeted delivery to Cancer cells

·Development of a targeted polymeric drug delivery system for treatment of ovarian cancer

·Exploring the Senotherapeutic potential of various bioactive compounds on breast cancer cell lines



·Received sanction for intramural financial assistance of Rs. 1,00,000/- for the project entitled ‘Comparative Screening of Biocompatible Arsenic Trioxide nanoparticles on Cancer Cell Lines’ from SVKMs NMIMS University Management for a period of one year (October 2017).

·Received sanction for intramural financial assistance of Rs. 1,00,000/- for the project entitled ‘Deciphering the Extra-Oviductal Role of Oviductal Glycoprotein (OVGP1)’ from SVKMs NMIMS University Management for a period of one year (October 2015).


1. Patwardhan J, Bhatt P. Protective effect of flavonoids from Foeniculum vulgare against ultraviolet-B-induced oxidative stress in human dermal fibroblasts. Biomed Res J 2019;6:62-71. (DOI:10.4103/BMRJ.BMRJ_22_19)

2.Saniya Laheri, Nancy Ashary, Purvi Bhatt, Deepak Modi (2018). Oviductal glycoprotein 1 (OVGP1) is expressed by endometrial epithelium that regulates receptivity and trophoblast adhesion. Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (JARG).Aug;35(8):1419-1429. Epub 2018 Jun 30. ( (Impact factor- 2.788).

3. Maneka Hoonjan, Geetanjali Sachdeva, Sudeshna Chandra, Prashant Suresh Kharkar, Niteshkumar Sahu, Purvi J Bhatt (2018). Investigation of HSA as a biocompatible coating material for Arsenic Trioxide Nanoparticles. Nanoscale. 2018, 10(17), 8031 - 8041 (Impact factor- 7.36) DOI: 10.1039/C7NR09503A

4. Maneka Hoonjan, Vaibhav Jadhav, Purvi Bhatt (2018). Arsenic trioxide: insights into its evolution to an anticancer agent. JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 23:313–329. (Impact factor - 2.89).

5. Saniya A Laheri, Deepak Modi, Purvi Bhatt (2017). Extra-oviductal expression of Oviductal glycoprotein 1 in the mouse: Detection in testis, epididymis and ovary. Journal of Biosciences (J Biosci.), Mar;42(1):69-80. (Impact factor-1.42) DOI: 10.1007/s12038-016-9657-2.

6.Vaibhav Jadhav, Pritha Ray, Geetanjali Sachdeva, Purvi Bhatt. (2016). Biocompatible Arsenic Trioxide Nanoparticles Induce Cell Cycle Arrest by p21WAF1/CIP1 Expression via Epigenetic Remodeling in LNCaP and PC3 Cell Lines. Life Sciences, 148, 41-52 (Impact factor- 2.7).

7. Vaibhav Jadhav, Shilpee Sachar, Sudeshna Chandra, Dhirendra Bahadur, Purvi Bhatt. (2016). Synthesis and Characterization of Arsenic Trioxide Nanoparticles and Their In Vitro Cytotoxicity Studies on Mouse Fibroblast and Prostate Cancer Cell Lines. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 16(7), 7599-7605. [Impact factor- 1.556]

8. Purvi Bhatt, Claire d'Avout, Naomi S. Kane, James A. Borowiec and Anjana Saxena (2012). Borowiec, Anjana Saxena. Specific domains of nucleolin interact with Hdm2 and antagonize Hdm2mediated p53 ubiquitination. FEBS Journal, 279 (3),370-383. [Impact Factor: 4.237]

9. Usha Natraj, Purvi Bhatt, Geeta Vanage, Sudhir B. Moodbidri (2002). Overexpression of monkey oviductal protein: purification and characterization of recombinant protein and its antibodies. Biology of reproduction, 67(6), 1897-1906. (Impact factor- 3.318)

For complete publications list and h- & i- index go to:


  1. Best Faculty Award for the academic year 2017-18 at NMIMS Sunandan Divatia School of Science
  2. Acknowledged by Hon’ Vice-Chancellor, NMIMS for contribution in NAAC (2018)

       3. Invited as Chairperson for oral presentations at "BIOINNOVA”- National Conference on Food, Nutrition and Healthcare organized by Thakur College of Science and Commerce             and Department of Biotechnology, University of Mumbai at Thakur College on 10th Feb 2018.

       4. Invited to participate as a Judge in the New York City Science and Engineering Fair for High School students at City College organized by New York Academy of Science (2005,            2006).

  1. NYUSoM Postdoctoral Council member & Postdoc Quarterly Newsletter editing task [Feb’04- Sept’06]
  1. Aug 2001- May 2003 Senior Research Fellow, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India
  1. July 1998- July 2001 Junior & Senior Research Fellow, Lady Tata Memorial Trust, India
  2. Jan 1998 –June 1998 Junior Research Fellow, Indian Council of Medical Research, India


1) "Immunoproteomics Technologies and its Applications in Biology”- Invited talk at CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi on 29th August 2019.

2) "Investigation of anti-cancer activity of bio compatible arsenic trioxide nanoparticles on cancer cell lines”.- Invited talk at Foundation for Medical Research (FMR), Mumbai on 6th April 2018.

3) "Animal Cell Culture: Techniques and Applications”- Invited talk at Department of Life Sciences, University of Mumbai on 31st March 2018.

4) "PCR and ELISA”- invited talk at National Seminar on Diagnostic Techniques in Biological Sciences and their Applications in association with Dept. of Microbiology, SIES college Of Arts, Science & Commerce at SIES college on 5thMarch 2018.

5) "Applications of Cell Lines in Biomedical Research” invited talk at ICAR Sponsored

Short Term Training Programme on Development and Characterization of Fish Cell Lines for Biotechnological Applications at ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (Deemed University) on 7th February 2018.

6) "Techniques used in Molecular Biology- Recombinant DNA technology and its application” invited talk at Bhanubhai Nanavati College of Pharmacy on 9th Aug 2014.

7) "Career opportunities Field of Science” invited talk at Elphinstone college on 8thFeb 2014 at PRIMERS 13-14 organized by Department of Biotechnology.

8) "Biotech and Pharma” invited talk at NMIMS, Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel- School of Pharmacy and Technology Management on 27thSeptember 2008.

9) "Expression of Recombinant proteins using Yeast and Baculovirus expression systems”: Recombinant protein meeting at National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR) on 3-4thApril 2008.


§ Life member of the Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA)

§ Member Secretary, Board of Studies of Biological Sciences for Masters Program at SVKM’s NMIMS SOS [since 2011 to 2019]

§ Member of the Ad-hoc subject Board in Microbiology/Biotechnology/Bioanalytical Chemistry, Mithibai College (September 2016 onwards), Jaihind College, Patkar College and Ramnarian Jhunjhunwalla College, St. Xaviers college, Bhavans college.

  • Life member of The Indian Science Congress Association, Indian Society of Cell Biology
  • Life member of Society for Biological Chemists, Life member of Mumbai Immunology Group
  • Life member of Indian Society for Study of reproduction and Fertility [ISSRF]
  • Member of New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) [2003-2007]
  • Postdoctoral Council Member and co-editor quarterly newsletter for Postdoc’s at NYUSoM [2004-2006]


·Been one of the Co-conveners for the first International Conference on Advances in Material Science and Applied Biology (AMSAB) held from 8-10 January 2019

·Coordinated for organizing Annual Open day for college students from all over Mumbai (Dec 2019, Dec 2017, Nov 2016, Feb & Dec 2015, Dec 2013) that consists of demonstration of Instrumentation Techniques and to make students aware of the various career opportunities in the field of Science and also make them familiar with the numerous analytical instruments currently used in research. Each year 300+ students visit SDSOS with their faculty.

·Successfully helped organize and celebrate the National Science Day at SDSOS on 28th Feb 2017 for hearing impaired students and also managed to get sponsorship for the same

·Conducted 5-day Cell culture and molecular biology workshop at Sunandan Divatia School of Science from 27 June- 1 July 2017 for students/faculty from all over Mumbai

·Conducted 5-day Cell culture and molecular biology workshop at Sunandan Divatia School of Science from 11-15th January 2016 for students/faculty from all over Mumbai

·Conducted 4-day Cell culture and molecular biology workshop at Sunandan Divatia School of Science from 3rd to 6th November 2014 for students/faculty from all over Mumbai

·Been a part of local Scientific and Sponsorship Committee at School level to organize National Education Day in 2011 & 2012 by organizing Symposium at Local and National level.

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022 4235 5956

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