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"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen and others make it happen.”
 - Michael Jordan

Sunandan Divatia School of Science took a healthy initiative for the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the School. The School celebrated Sports Day on Saturday, 11th February 2017.

The day commenced with the inauguration ceremony which initiated with the lighting of the lamp by the Dean, Dr. Aparna Khanna, the Sports Head, Dr. Brijesh, and other faculty members. This was followed by singing of the National Anthem. The Dean also enlightened the students with her motivational speech and encouraged them to win.

The Sporting events were initiated with Box Cricket for girls, followed by the boys’ cricket matches. Seven girls’ teams and five boys’ teams participated in the event. Following the cricket matches, boys’ football matches began, the bar of the competition being raised with every match.

With immense participation shown in popular sports, lesser known games like dodge-ball for girls also showed no less participation with three referees supervising the matches.

On one side where the students were highly motivated to participate in various sporting events and enjoyed every match, on the other side, the faculty and other staff members also participated in several games that were planned for them. The faculty and staff not only played indoor games like chess, carom and badminton but also participated in outdoor games like three-legged race and lemon and spoon race.

Kho-kho was another sport that saw very high participation with eight teams of girls competing hard to win. The athletic event, 4x50 m relay race was also a main part the Sports Day with both girls and boys participating in the event in large numbers.

A Sports Day is unimaginable without one of the most favorite events of all, the Tug-of-War. This last event of the day witnessed participation from both faculty and students together as a team which left the students astounded the very moment. Four boys’ teams and 10 girls’ teams participated in the event. The Tug-of-War saw the whole school, students and faculty alike, cheering and motivating the participants to win.

With a huge participation, massive hard work put in by the volunteers and the Sports Committee, the day ended with felicitation of the winners by the faculty members with medals and trophies. The folks of the School cheered and clapped for the winners.

The day ended on a good note, with the Sports Head of the School, Dr. Brijesh S., giving ‘Vote of Thanks’. He thanked, the Dean, NMIMS management, the volunteers and all the participants for making the event a success. He also encouraged and urged the students to make it an annual event.

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