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You need chaos in your soul to give birth a dancing star
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

So we brought change to our orderly world with Excalibur’17 with the theme CHAOS. The students in teams, participated in many activities on the days leading to the event.

MINUTE to WIN it where they contested to perform tasks under a minute to win the ultimate prize. Aksharo ki antaksri, a word game where they racked their brains to compete with their vocabulary. Tic Tac Toe, where they bent the rules of the classic X n O game to go a level higher, the smartest team won the game. They challenged their wits with a Test of Brilliance, a quiz where they used proved their knowledge throughout all levels to be the champions. They then engaged in a Treasure Hunt across the college campus where they searched every nook and cranny for clues with led them to the final treasure - The sword of Excalibur.

On 12th December everyone was invited to the cultural extravaganza - Excalibur! There was Dance, Drama, Music and the most awaited Mr and Ms Excalibur 2017.

The theme for the Dance competition was English-Vinglish where participants fused dance forms from the west with indigenous dance forms and floored our audience with their grooves. The singers performed music from all around the world and displayed their versatility on stage, some with acoustics and some with only a mic in front of them. The theatre club of SDSOS out up performances for the drama competition which enthralled the audience with characters from various walks of life telling us stories. The Mr and Ms Excalibur competition happened in between other competitions where the participants were asked to introduce themselves with the help of a word given to them. They then had to showcase their talent to us, some captivated us with their dance, some read to us poems of their own composition. Some showcased their expertise in karate, yoga and fitness while others proved to be human calculators as they calculated multiples as a fast as a calculator. It was a tough competition between 5 boys and 5 girls out of which only one Mr and Ms Excalibur were awarded.

The day ended with prize distributions for all winners and a vote of thanks to all faculty who judged the event and all students who participated and the Student Council who organised the event.

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