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Seminar Series on Reverse Pharmacology

Seminar Series:

"Reverse Pharmacology and Observational Studies of Ayurvedic Drugs and Plants"

The Industrial Interface Cell of School of Science had organised a one day seminar series on "Reverse Pharmacology and Observational Studies of Ayurvedic Drugs and Plants" on 17th October 2014.

The entire series was divided into short lectures delivered by five eminent scientists and clinicians who gave an insight on Reverse Pharmacology. Dr. Aparna Khanna, Dean School of Science NMIMS, welcomed our keynote speaker Dr. Ashok Vaidya, Research Director, Kasturba Health Society (KHS), Mumbai who delivered a key note talk on “Reverse Pharmacology for new domains in Life Sciences” wherein he introduced the audience to the concept and importance of Reverse pharmacology.

Dr. Rama Vaidya, Director, Endocrine –Metabolic Disorders, KHS, spoke enthusiastically on “Observational studies and Paradigm shift in clinical medicine” followed by Dr. Ashwinikumar Raut Director, Clinical Research & integrative medicine at KHS, who gave an insight on Ayurvidya along with comprehensive overview on Reverse Pharmacology in his talk titled “Reverse Pharmacology Path to drug discovery and development in Ayurvidya”.

Dr. Nancy Pandita, Professor, Department of Chemical Sciences, School of Science NMIMS discussed the importance of “Quality parameters in herbal drugs” especially in the initial phytochemical analysis and manufacture of herbal products.  

The concluding talk was given by Dr. Jayashree Joshi, Jt Research Director, KHS, on “Curcuma longa as an example of the reverse pharmacology in diabetes and cancer” which was extremely informative.

All the above sessions were chaired by Dr. Ashok Vaidya. 

The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Purvi Bhatt, Assistant Professor, School of Science NMIMS.

Overall, the lecture series was highly informative and was well received both by the students as well as the faculty and was a grand success.

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