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School of Science Organizes a “Two-Day Faculty Development Program on Molecular Modeling and Drug Design”

School of Science organized a two-day faculty development program on “Molecular Modeling and Drug Design” on 16th – 17th January 2015. The workshop included lectures on different aspects of drug designing and provided hands-on training in molecular modeling techniques.

The workshop began with the Keynote address by Dr. Santosh R Nandan, MD Chemworx Pvt. Ltd. on “New Drug Development through Molecular Modeling”.

Lectures also included:

  1. Prof. Evans Coutinho, Professor and Head - Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai
    • Introduction to Molecular Modeling, Force field, energy minimization techniques, conformational searches, molecular dynamics simulations
    • Docking, Pharmacophore modeling, Virtual screening
    • Structure-based drug design, QSAR, some successful examples of molecular modeling
  2. Dr. Mariam S. Degani, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology Department, Institute of Chemical Technology

    Development of Anti Tubercle Drug with the help of Hypothetical Modeling

There was an overwhelming response from faculty from various colleges across Mumbai, however, the number of participants were restricted to 20.

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