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Dr. Gurudas P. Mane

Dr. Gurudas P. Mane

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Nanoporous materials, Photocatalysis, CO2 photoreduction
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Areas of Specialisation

Nanoporous materials, Photocatalysis, CO2 photoreduction

Academic Experience: 

4+ years

* 2 years Post-Doctoral research Max Planck Institute for Kohlenforschung, Germany
* 2+ years as an INISPIRE Faculty fellow at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India.


  • Jul 2015 - Feb 2018: Inspire Faculty Fellow Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India.
  • Nov 2013 - Jun 2015: Max-Planck Institute for Kohlenforschung, Mulheim, Germany
  • Oct 2009 - Mar 2013: Ph.D. (Materials Chemistry) Hokkaido University, Japan.
  • Jul 2005 - Jun 2007: M.Sc (Physics) Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India.


  • Gurudas Mane, Jeganathan Akilavasan, Emmanouil Passas-Lagos, and Frank Marlow, Site-selective TiO2 Coating on Asymmetric Patchy Particles, Langmuir, 2017, Langmuir 33, 40, 10561-10567. Impact factor 2015: 3.833 
  • Gurudas Mane, Siddulu Talapaneni, Kripal Lakhi, Hamid Ilbeygi, Ugo Ravon, Khalid Al-Bahily, Toshiyuki Mori, Dae-Hwan Park, and Ajayan Vinu, Highly Ordered Nitrogen-Rich Mesoporous Carbon Nitrides and Their Superior Performance for Sensing and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2017, 56, 1-6. Impact factor 2015: 11.709 
  • Gurudas Mane, Dattatray Dhawale, Chokkalingam Anand, Katsuhiko Ariga, Qingmin Ji, Mohammad Abdul Wahab, Toshiyuki Mori and Ajayan Vinu. Selective sensing performance of mesoporous carbon nitride with a highly ordered porous structure prepared from 3-amino-1,2,4-triazine J. Mater. Chem. A, 2013, 1, 2913-2920. Impact factor 2015:8.262 
  • Gurudas Mane, Siddulu Talapaneni, Chokkalingam Anand, Shaji Varghese, Hideo Iwai, Qingmin Ji, Katsuhiko Ariga, Toshiyuki Mori and Ajayan Vinu, Preparation of Highly Ordered Nitrogen-Containing Mesoporous Carbon from a Gelatin Biomoleculeand its Excellent Sensing of Acetic Acid, Adv. Funct. Mater., 2012, 22, 3596-3604. Impact factor 2015: 11.382 
  • Siddulu Talapaneni, Gurudas Mane, Dae-Hwan Park, Kripal Lakhi, Kavitha Ramadass, Stalin Joseph, William M. Skinner, Ugo Ravon, Khalid Al-Bahily, and Ajayan Vinu, Diaminotetrazine Based Mesoporous C3N6 with Well-Ordered 3D Cubic Structure and its Excellent Photocatalytic Performance on Hydrogen Evolution, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2017, 5, 18183-18192. Impact factor 2015: 8.262 
  • Churchil Antonyraj, Divesh Srivastava, Gurudas Mane, Sivashunmugam Sankaranarayanan, Ajayan Vinu and Kannan Srinivasan, Co3O4 microcubes with exceptionally high conductivity using a CoAl layered double hydroxide precursor via soft chemically synthesized cobalt carbonate J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2, 6301-6304. Impact factor 2015: 8.262 
  • Suryavanshi, V. V. Balasubramanian, K. S. Lakhi, G. P. Mane, K. Ariga, J-H. Choy, D. H. Park, A. M. Al-Enizi and A. Vinu, Mesoporous BN and BCN nanocages with high surface area and spherical morphology Phys Chem Chem Phys, 2014, 16, 23554-23557. Impact factor 2015: 4.449 
  • Dattatray Dhawale, Gurudas Mane, Stalin Joseph, Chokkalingam Anand, Katsuhiko Ariga, and Ajayan Vinu., Enhanced Supercapacitor Performance of N-Doped Mesoporous Carbons Prepared from Gelatin Biomolecule, ChemPhysChem, 2013, 14, 1563-1569. Impact factor 2015:3.138 
  • Varghese, S., Anand, C., Dhawale, D., Mane, G.P., Wahab, M.A., Mano, A., Raj, G.A.G., Nagarajan, S., Vinu, A., Highly Selective Synthesis of Ortho-Prenylated Phenols and Chromans by using a New Bimetallic CuAl-KIT-5 with a 3D-Cage-type Mesoporous Structure ChemCatChem, 2013, 5(4), 899-902. Impact factor 2015: 4.803 
  • D. S. Dhawale, G. P. Mane, S. Josef, S. N. Talapaneni, C. Anand, A. Mano, S. S. Aldeyab, K. S. Lakhi and A. Vinu, Cobalt Oxide Functionalized Nanoporous Carbon Electrodes and their Excellent Supercpacitive Performance RSC Advances, 2013, 5, 13930-13940. Impact factor 2015: 3.289 
  • Anand, P. Shrinivasu, G. P. Mane, S. N. Talapaneni, M. R. Benzigar, S. Vishnupriya, S. S. Al-Deyab, Y. Sugi, A. Vinu, Direct Synthesis and characterization of highly ordered cobalt oxide substituted KIT-5 with 3D nanocages for cyclohexene epoxidation Microporous and mesoporous materials, 2013, 167, 146-154. Impact factor 2015: 3.349 
  • Chokkalingam Anand, Subramaniam Vishnu Priya, Geoffrey Lawrence, Gurudas P. Mane, Dattatray S. Dhawale, Kumaresapillai S. Prasad, Veerappan V. Balasubramanian, Mohammad A. Wahab, and Ajayan Vinu, Transesterification of ethylacetoacetate catalysed by metal free mesoporous carbon nitride Catalysis Today 2013, 204, 164-169. Impact factor 2015: 4.312 
  • Lichao Jia, Gurudas P. Mane, Chokkalingam Anand, Dattatray S. Dhawale, Qingmin Ji, Katsuhiko Ariga and Ajayan Vinu, A facile photo-induced synthesis of COOH functionalized meso-macroporous carbon films and their excellent sensing capability for aromatic amines, Chem. Commun. 2012, 48, 9029–9031. Impact factor 2015: 6.562 
  • Siddulu N. Talapaneni, Gurudas P. Mane, Ajayan Mano, Chokkalingam Anand, Dattatray S. Dhawale, Toshiyuki Mori, and Ajayan Vinu, Synthesis of Nitrogen-Rich Mesoporous Carbon Nitridewith Tunable Pores, Band Gaps and Nitrogen Content froma Single Aminoguanidine Precursor Chem-Sus-Chem, 2012, 5, 700-708. (I.F. = 7.116) Impact factor 2015: 7.116 
  • Siddulu Naidu Talapaneni, Srinivasan Anandan, Gurudas P. Mane, Chokkalingam Anand, Dattatray S. Dhawale, Shaji Varghese, Ajayan Mano, Toshiyuki Mori and Ajayan Vinu Facile synthesis and basic catalytic application of 3D mesoporous carbon nitride with a controllable bimodal distribution J. Mater. Chem, 2012, 22, 9831- 9840. Impact factor 2015: 6.626 
  • Chokkalingam Anand, Pavuluri Srinivasu, Gurudas P. Mane, Siddulu N. Talapaneni, Dattatray S. Dhawale, Mohammad A. Wahab, Subramaniam Vishnu Priya, Shaji Varghese, Yoshihiro Sugi and Ajayan Vinu, Preparation of mesoporous titanosilicate molecular sieves with a cage type 3D porous structure for cyclohexene epoxidation, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2012, 160, 159–166. Impact factor 2015: 3.349 
  • Sanjay K. Apte, Sunil N. Garaje, Gurudas P. Mane, Ajayan Vinu, Sonali D. Naik, Dinesh P. Amalnerkar and Bharat B. Kale, A facile template-free approach for the large-scale solid-phase synthesis of CdS nanostructures and their excellent photocatalytic performance Small, 2011, 7, 957 – 964. Impact factor 2015: 8.315

Ongoing Research projects:

Multifunctional, Well Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Nitrides for CO2 Capture and its Photocatalytic Reduction – DST funded (INSPIRE Faculty award).

Awards and Honors:

  • 1st rank in M.Sc. in the Department of Physics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. 
  • Shivaji University ‘Merit Scholarship’ for the year 2005-2006. 
  • NIMS graduate research fellowship (NIMS-GRF) from Oct. 2009 to Oct. 2012. (National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan). 
  • INSA-INSPIRE Faculty award in Materials Science by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

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