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The Quality Cell at Sunandan Divatia School of Science is responsible for continuously improving the quality of the programs and the program delivery, academic and administrative process at the School. The members of the Cell include the Dean, faculty and student representatives from each department in the school.

The Quality Cell meets once in every three months to review quality standards of various aspects related to the School such as:

  • Teaching in the classroom.
  • Classroom infrastructures which includes teaching aids also.
  • Internal assessment
  • Institution administration
  • Library and other services
  • Infrastructural facilities at the school.
  • Any other function which has student or community interface

After every meeting the Quality Cell comes out with an action plan for continuous improvement for the next three months and allocates specific responsibilities to specific individuals at the School. The discussions of the Quality Cell meetings and the action plan are recorded and the minutes of the same are forwarded to the Vice-Chancellor’s office after each meeting.

Following is the current list of members (2018-2019) of the Quality Cell at Sunandan Divatia School of Science:

  • Dr. Aparna Khanna – Dean; Chairperson 
  • Dr. Sudeshna Chandra – Associate Professor, Chemistry; In-Charge Member 
  • Dr. Purvi Bhatt – Associate Professor, Biological Sciences; Member 
  • Dr. Savitri Joshi– Assistant Professor, Statistics; Member 
  • Dr. Mansi Bhartiya – Assistant Professor, Physiotherapy; Member 
  • Mr. Vinod Malap – Course Coordinator; Member 
  • Ms. Maneka Hoonjan- Ph.D., Biological Sciences; Member 
  • Mr. Mayank Shah – Ph.D., Biological Sciences; Member 
  • Ms. Pinky Shah – Ph.D., Chemistry; Member 
  • Ms. Priyanshi Desai - M.Sc. I, Biological Sciences; Member 
  • Mr Ateeb Ansari - Int. B.Sc M.Sc. I, Biomedical Sciences; Member 
  • Mr Aakash Petwal – Int. B.Sc M.Sc. II, Biomedical Sciences; Member 
  • Ms Sayoni Chatterjee – Int. B.Sc M.Sc. III, Biomedical Sciences; Member 
  • Ms. Paritosh Kalra– M.Sc. I, Statistics; Member 
  • Ms. Anshika Chadha– M.Sc. II, Statistics; Member 
  • Ms. Isha Soni– M.Sc. I, Applied Statistics & Analytics; Member 
  • Ms. Priti Yadav – M.Sc. I, Chemistry; Member 
  • Ms. Pooja Mishra – M.Sc. I, Chemistry; Member 
  • Ms. Shrutika Kapare – MPT I, Physiotherapy; Member 
  • Ms. Siddhika Redkar– MPT I, Physiotherapy; Member 
  • Mr. Shantanu Bhowmick – B.Sc. I, Applied Statistics & Analytics; Member 
  • Ms. Ananya P – B.Sc. II, Applied Statistics & Analytics; Member 
  • Ms. Esha Mohite – B.Sc. III, Applied Statistics & Analytics; Member

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