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EXCALIBUR (The Cultural Club)


The annual intercollegiate cultural event of NMIMS, Sunandan Divatia School of Science: Excalibur was held on Monday, December 19th 2016 at the Juhu Jagriti Hall. While giving each participant a platform to portray their various talents, Excalibur also gave the student body to have a ball, cheering for their friends. Conceptualized around the theme ‘Time Travel’, it comprised of five competitions.

The event commenced with Mr. and Miss. Excalibur in which the candidates impressed the audience with their talent, wit, personality and awareness of current affairs. The talent round saw a combination of amazing singing, dancing performances as well as a poetry reading and a Stand-up comedy act. Ms. Hetvi Dhruva from SY B. Sc. Applied Statistics and Mr. Winston Fernandes from M. Sc. Stats I were crowned Ms. and Mr. Excalibur respectively for their eloquent answers in the Q&A round and commendable performances in the talent round. Hetvi’s graceful and beautiful dance performance was widely appreciated and Winston’s stand up act had the audience is splits.

It was followed by the drama event Take A Bow (TAB) where the participants enacted plays based on socially relevant issues (demonetization, fraudulent god men) and garnished with a pinch of satire with the aim of spreading awareness. The winning skit performed by M. Sc. Statistics Part I impacted the audience deeply with its honest portrayal of godmen and their blind followers. The climax moved some to tears, in which the child of a poor woman is killed to the ‘baba’s’ faulty rituals. It also included an unexpected element: the lead’s transition from a target of unnecessary ridicule and mockery to a revered figure of authority. The skit on demonetization managed to deliver its message wrapped in humor and was loved by the audience.

The singing event: Treble Makers, created an atmosphere of nostalgia when the participants performed a medley of songs from the Golden era of the 1960s straight to the recent 2000s, keeping in with the theme of time travel. Soulful yet enthusiastic singing by the participants captivated the audience and this event found everyone in the audience humming along to their favorite hits. A special mention must be made for the exceptional singing performance by the faculty for the students which was greeted with rousing applause and hearty cheers! The first prize was won by the multitalented Divya Rathod from M. Sc. Bio I who also cohosted the evening along with Radhika from SY Applied Statistics and Analytics and the second prize went to the popular mimic, singer, actor and cohost Tanmay Ghanekar from M. Sc. Stats I.

(T)Work it-the dance event of Excalibur, set the house on fire when performers grooved to old romantic songs and then transitioned to new catchy hits and almost brought the enthusiastic audience to their feet. The first prize was won by the dynamic duo of Hetvi Dhruva and Ayushi Mody of SY Applied Statistics and the second prize was shared by the Sayoni Chatterjee and Drishya Anthony of FY Biomedical.

The video and photography event of Excalibur, ‘Shutter bug’ required participants to capture the spirit of the school and student life in a photo or video. The entries were submitted before the main event and the results were declared on 19th. The first and second prizes were won by Saloni from FY Biomedical and Ayushi Mody from SY Applied Statistics and Analytics.

There was an enthusiastic roar for more fun when the dancing came to an end as the audience were enjoying themselves thoroughly but the competition had to come to an end, which also brought us to the end of Excalibur. The event ended well with the prize distribution and crowning of Mr. and Ms. Excalibur. The respected Dean, Dr Aparna Khanna, gave an enlightening speech which reflected her happiness and satisfaction with the students’ organization and execution of the event.

Excalibur was the personification of the school’s belief in holistic development and learning that combines an individual's mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth and dedication to awaken the talent lying inert in every student.

Excalibur was a fresh breath of air after the semester end examinations and not only was it enthralling to be a part of it, but it was also equally convivial just watching it. The student body excitedly awaits Excalibur 2017!

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