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Dr. Neetin Desai

Dr. Neetin Desai

Dean, SunandanDivatia School of Science
Specialization: Biotechnology
Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D.

Areas of Specialisation: Proteomics, Genomics, Bioremediation, Plant metabolites,

Academic Experience: 28 years

Industry Experience: 12 years

Publications: 280

Invited talks (National & International):48

Articles published: 08

Book Chapters: 06

Recent Publications:

1. Deepti Somayajula, Sagar Barge andNeetin Desai (2020) Characterization of tissue specific expressed proteins and metabolites in Cenchrus polystachion(L.) Schult and their role in apomixes Jr. of Phytology, 12: 40-25.DOI:

2. Sagar Barage , A. Karthic , Rohit Bavi , Neetin Desai , Raj Kumar , Vikas Kumar & Keun Woo Lee (2020):Identification and characterization of novel RdRp and Nsp15 inhibitors for SARS-COV2 using computational approach, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, DOI: 10.1080/07391102.2020.1841026

3. Rahul V. Khandare, Anuprita D. Watharkar, Pankaj K. Pawar, Anil A. Jagtap and Neetin S. Desai (2020)Hydrophytic plantsCanna indica,Epipremnum ureum,CyperusalternifoliusandCyperus rotundusfor phytoremediation of fluoride from water, Environmental Technology and Innovation.

4. Neha Nohwar,Rahul V. Khandare,Neetin S. Desai (2020) Media optimization studies and production of adenosylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) by environment friendly organismRhizobiumspp. J. App. Biol. Biotech; 8(6): 38-47.

5. Pamela Jha, Moksha Pathan, Akshara Iyer, Renitta Jobby and Neetin Desai (2020)Role of Glycosyl Hydrolases in Breakdown of Lignocellulosic Waste and Its Industrial Applications. In book: Industrial application of Glycoside Hydrolases, Publisher: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-4767-6_4

6. Priyanka Lonakadi, Renitta Jobby,Neetin Desai, Pamela Jha (2020) Biochemical Dynamics of Plant-Microbe Interactions. Plant Microbiome Paradigm, 267-292. DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-50395-6_14

7. Pamela Jha, Rajdip Sen, Renitta Jobby, Shilpee Sachar, Shruti Bhatkalkar, and Neetin Desai (2020) Biotransformation of xenobiotics by hairy roots.Phytochemistry (In Press).(IF 2.547)

8. Parthraj R.Kshirsagar Sandeep R. Pai Govind D. Vyavahare Vishwas A.Bapat Neetin S. Desai(2020) Prospecting alternative source of shikimic acid from clusiaceae of Western Ghats, India and evaluating discrepancies with reference to seasonal variation, developmental stage and sex ofMammea suriga. Industrial Crops and Products 149:112354 (IF: 4.191)

9.RenittaJobby, YashFlora, AmbicaBora, PamelaJha, HemantKawalkar and NeetinDesai (2020)Exploring Probiotic Activity ofLactobacillus sp. Isolated fromIndigenous Breeds ofCattle Milk andFecal Samples inBhatan Village, MH., IN Current Microbiology doi: 10.1007/s00284-020-01910-x.Online ahead of print.

10. Hema Shiral, R. Swaminathan, R. Patil, R. Khandare and N. Desai (2020) Indian Spices Enhance the Activities of Antibiotics against Human Pathogens Synergistically. Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University 9(1): 66-84.


1.Varshney RK, Shi C, Thudi M, Mariac C, Wallace J, Qi P, Zhang H, Zhao Y, Desai NS et al., (2017)Pearl millet genome sequence provides a resource to improve agronomic traits in arid environments, Nature biotechnology35 (10), 969 (IF: 43.113).

2. Anoop K. Yadav and Neetin S. Desai(2019) Cancer Stem Cells: Acquisition, Characteristics, Therapeutic Implications, Targeting Strategies and Future Prospects, Stem Cell Rev and Rep15(3):331-355. (IF 4.967).

3.RenittaJobby, Pamela Jha, Anoop Kumar Yadav and Desai N.S(2018)Biosorption and Biotransformation of Hexavalent Chromium [Cr (VI)]: a Comprehensive Review, Chemosphere 207:255-266. (IF 5.108).

4.ParthrajR.KshirsagarSandeep R. Pai Govind D. VyavahareVishwasA.BapatNeetin S. Desai(2020)Prospecting alternative source of shikimic acid from clusiaceae of Western Ghats, India and evaluating discrepancies with reference to seasonal variation, developmental stage and sex ofMammeasuriga.Industrial Crops and Products149:112354(IF: 4.191)

5. RenittaJobby, Pamela Jha, Anand Gupta, Arpita Gupte, Neetin Desai, (2019) Biotransformation of chromium by root nodule bacteria Sinorhizobium sp. SAR1, PLoS ONE 14(7): e0219387. (IF 2.771)

6.Pamela Jha, RajdipSen, RenittaJobby, ShilpeeSachar, ShrutiBhatkalkar, and Neetin Desai(2020)Biotransformation of xenobiotics by hairy roots. (In Press). (IF 2.547)

7. ArindamGhatakPalakChaturvedi, Matthias Nagler,Valentin Roustan,David Lyon, Gert BachmannWolfgang Postl, Andreas Schröfl, Neetin Desai, Rajeev K. Varshney and Wolfram Weckwerth(2016)Comprehensive tissue-specific proteome analysis of drought stress responses inPennisetumglaucum(L.) R. Br. (Pearl millet)Jr. of Proteomics, 143: 122–135. (IF 3.914).

8.Jha, P., Jobby, R. and Desai, N.S. (2016). Remediation of textile azo dye acid red 114 by hairy roots of Ipomoea carneaJacq. and assessment of degraded dye toxicity with human keratinocyte cell line. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 311:158-167.(IF7.65)

9.Pratibha Patil, Neetin Desai, Sanjay Govindwar, JyotiPrafullaJadhav, Vishwas Bapat, (2009) Degradation analysis of Reactive Red 198 by hairy roots of TagetespatulaL. (Marigold), Planta 230:725–735. (IF-3.8).

10.Telke A.A., Kagalkar A.N., Desai N.S, Bapat V.A. and S.P. Govindwar (2011) Biochemical characterization of laccase from hairy root culture of Brassica juncea L. and role of redox mediators to enhance its potential for the decolorization of textile dyes. Planta. 234(6):1137-1149.(IF-3.8).

11.Desai N.S., Kawalkar H. and Dixit G.B. (2012) Biosystematics and Evolutionary studies in Indian Drimia species. Journal of Systematics and Evolution50(6): 512-518. (IF1.14)

For the complete list of publications:

Patents: 02 (4 pending)

1.Desai N.S., Suprasanna P, and V.A. Bapat (1178/MUM/2005) Process of Direct Somatic Embryogenesis in Indian Sugarcane varieties using immature inflorescence segment.

2.Jinav Sandeep GHATALIA,Sandeep Harshad GHATALIA,Neetin Shivajirao DESAI,DevangKaushik THAKAREvolved biometric system with enhanced feature and method for the same(PCT/IN2012/000433/ WO 2013051019 A1,Date of Publication: April 11, 2013 )


1. Elected Fellow of Royal Society of Biologist, London. (2017)

2. Elected Fellow of Maharashtra Academy of Science, Pune (2011).

3. Member, Asian Federation of Biotechnology. South Korea, (2012)

4. Founder Associate- Knowledge Systems and Sciences Associates, Pune. (2011)

5. Post Doctoral Fellow – Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (2003)

6. Senior Research Fellow – University Grant Commission, Govt. of India, (1995)

7. Junior Research Fellow - University Grant Commission, Govt. of India, (1993)

Areas of Research: Gene Expression, Genomics, Bioremediation, Regenerative medicine and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Desai has studied the genetic variability and evolutionary trend in a medicinal plant Drimia using chromosomal morphology, chromosome banding, isoenzymes, pollen architecture, interspecific crossing and hybrid analysis. Being faculty of biotechnology he has diverted his research in crop improvement, disease management, bioremediation of heavy metals and textile dyes, plant secondary metabolites etc. He has been instrumental in establishing commercial cord blood banking in India and has established DCGI and FDA approved India’s first stem cells research facilities. He has helped many of his students in start-ups and established companies in Health care , Food Technology,Biofertilizers, Neutracuticals, etc.

The major focus is on differential expression studies of proteomics and metabolomics foe development of early markers for oral cancer, unrevealing apomictic pathway is being studied in collaboration with ICRISAT, ACTREC.

Current Academic Activities:

Teaching subjects like Research Methodology, Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine. Tissue Engineering/ Industrial Biotechnology for M.Tech/M.Sc. students.

Guided 11 Ph.D. and 6 are working, Mentored 3 Post-Doctoral students.

Completed 6 Funded projects for Industry.

Technology Transferred- FOUR technologies transferred successfully.

Professional Services/Memberships:

·VC nominee member of BoS for Science & Technology, Shivaji University Kolhapur (2019-21)

·VC nominee member of Science& Technology. HomiBhabha University, Mumbai (2020-22)

·VC nominee member of BoS, SavitribaiPhule Pune University, Pune (2018)

·Member, BoS in Biotechnology, Modern College (Autonomous) Mumbai. (2018-2020) (Autonomous)

·Member, BoS in Biotechnology, YeshvantraoChavan College of Science, (Autonomous), Satara, 2018-2020. (Autonomous)

·Member, BoS , KET's V. G. Vaze College, Mumbai (2020-22) (Autonomous)

·Visiting Faculty BoS Member, YASHDA, Govt. of Maharashtra, Pune

·Subject Expert, UNIDO, MPCB, Govt. of Maharashtra, Biomedical Waste Management

·External Expert- Nominated by DBT, IBSC Committee IPCA Pharma, Mumbai (2019-22)

·Member, ICMR, Ethics Committee- Dr. Mahajan Hospital Navi Mumbai (2019-22)

·Ex-Chairman, ICMR Ethics Committee Dr. D. Y. Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai. (2011-2013)

Reviewer for Journals: Reviewer for many journals like, Current Science, Bioresource Technology, Hazardous materials,Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, Environmental Progress, International Jr. of Food Properties, Food Chem, PLOS one etc.

Life Member: Indian Society of Cytologist, Bengalaru.

Life Memebr: Asian Federation of Biotechnologist, Korea.

Ph.D. thesis Examiner- SPPU Pune, Dr. BAMU Aurangabad, SGM Nagpur University, Shivaji University Kolhapur, Bharti Vidyapeeth Pune, MGM University Navi Mumbai, Veer Narmada South Gujrat University Surat etc.

Former Edior-In-Chief-D.Y. Patil Journal of Health Sciences.


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