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The School of Science, NMIMS (Deemed-to-be University), Mumbai has introduced two certificate courses (Certificate course in Molecular Medicine and Certificate course in Molecular Oncology) of six months duration, primarily for medical/dental doctors including General Physicians, Dentists, Dental Surgeons, Oncologists with specialization in Medical Oncology/Onco-surgery/Radiation Oncology; and medical students interested in pursuing a career in the field of biomedical research. The course is intended to introduce the topics of contemporary technology post the human genome code period, including Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Stem cell based technology. These technology based areas have brought about a revolution in medical diagnostics prognostics and therapeutics, and have immense applications in health management, besides understanding the basics of human diseases. The salient feature of these programmes is the emphasis being laid on gaining advance understanding, knowledge and exclusive skills in the specialized area. The focus of the course is to update professionals in the basics and advances in the contemporary field of Molecular Medicine and Molecular Oncology.


The course is of six months duration (50 hours which includes 40 hours of lectures and 10 hours of demonstration practicals.


  • A total of 10 seats are available for each of the certificate courses.

Program Incharge's Message

The School of Science (SOS) is a newly founded endeavor of the prestigious SVKM’S NMIMS (Deemed-to-be University), in its efforts to diverge to various disciplines of higher education and learning. The SOS evolved in 2007-2008, with a view to provide undergraduates and post graduates an opportunity to embark on a challenging, yet exciting domain of Pure and Applied Sciences. At the SOS, we offer unique multi- as well as inter-disciplinary programs, viz, Post graduate program in Statistics, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Physiotherapy; Integrated Post-graduate-Doctoral program in Biological Sciences and Chemical Sciences and a Doctoral program in Biological Sciences and Chemical Sciences. Along with these full-time courses we have recently introduced certificate courses in Molecular Medicine and Molecular Oncology.

There is a major emphasis on ‘Research’ in all the programs offered at the SOS. We are strongly driven by a highly qualified scientific talent pool. The main focus of our R & D activities has been conducting applied research at the interface of Chemistry and the Biosciences on problems of national and international importance.

Our strategic future plan involves inclusion of innovative areas of inter-disciplinary research, in specific areas through the application of new and cutting-edge technologies.

I welcome you all to an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience at the SOS and look forward to working together to help us achieve our goal, to be recognized as a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Dr. Aparna Khanna

Dean, School of Science

Board Of Studies

  • Dr. Aparna Khanna, Chairperson; Dean, School of Science
  • Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath - Emeritus Professor, Biological Sciences, School of Science
  • Dr. K. Krishnamurthy Rao - Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT-Bombay, Powai
  • Dr. Medha Rajyadhaksha - Head & Associate Professor, Department of Life Sciences, Sophia College for Women, Mumbai
  • Dr. Pragna Desai - Former Head and Professor, Department of Microbiology, Bhavans College, Mumbai
  • Dr. Krutika Desai - Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Mithibai College, Mumbai
  • Dr. Deepak Modi - Scientist D, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Mumbai
  • Dr. Brijesh S. - Assistant Professor, School of Science
  • Dr. Purvi Bhatt - Member Secretary; Assistant Professor, School of Science

Value Proposition

  • Extensive course work in line with the requirements of Industry, thus adding value to the degree.
  • Focuses on gaining advance understanding, knowledge and exclusive skills in the specialized area.
  • Focus on updating professionals in the basics and advances in the contemporary field of Molecular Medicine and Molecular Oncology.
  • Lectures with an additional smaller component of demonstration practical bench work.
  • In built opportunity to improve soft skills as well as scientific writing
  • Grading system at par with international standards
  • A system of continuous evaluation through seminars, quizzes and practicals
  • Guest faculty drawn from a pool of experts from Industry
  • Innovative teaching methods involving continuous interaction amongst faculty and students

Program Objectives

  • Update professionals in the basics and advances in the contemporary field of Molecular Medicine and Molecular Oncology.
  • Emphasis on gaining advance understanding, knowledge and exclusive skills in the specialized area. Modern facilities to provide ambience and support for curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of students.
  • Dedicated, qualified faculty to ensure high standard of teaching, learning and evaluation processes.
  • Periodic review and revision of curricula based on feedback from the industry with quick response to ensure the relevance of the programmes to the changing needs of industry.


The course lays emphasis on the overall development of the student with focus gaining advance understanding, knowledge and exclusive skills in the specialized area. The course work comprises of lectures and practicalswhich will help in fine tuning these skills in a particular area of specialization.

The course is reviewed regularly in consultation with our Board of Studies, which comprises of experts from academia, research institutions and industry from all over India. Thus, the course is tailor made to fulfill the requirements needed to keep pace with the current developments in scientific research.

Along with the permanent faculties, the regular lectures are also conducted by visiting faculties who are experts in their respective fieldsto ensure learner centric environment.


  • For the Certificate Courses Molecular Medicine and Molecular Oncology, a candidate should be medical graduate or post graduate.

Admission Criteria Process

Selection process will be based on merit (graduate/ post graduate grades).

Evaluation Criteria

During the course work the students will be required to have a minimum attendance of 80% for lectures and practicals separately. The students will be evaluated through semester end exams and through continuous internal assessment.

Internal assessment will be on the basis of presentations, review papers and discussions. Practical work will be evaluated during the course of the regular practicals.

The students have the option of choosing for ‘Certificate of Participation’ for which there will be no compulsory semester end examination.