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Biomedical Research Journal

Current issue

October 2015, Volume 2, Issue 2

Editorial: Right patient, right diagnosis, right treatment

Dhananjaya Saranath and Aparna Khanna

Biomed Res J 2015;2(2):134-139

Areca nut use and cancer in India

Prakash C. Gupta and Cecily S. Ray

Biomed Res J 2015;2(2):140-165

Genetic markers and evolution of targeted therapy in cancer

Pratibha S. Amare Kadam

Biomed Res J 2015;2(2):179-197

Microbiota in immune pathogenesis and the prospects for pre and probiotic dietetics in psoriasis

Garima Pandey, Abhay Kumar Pandey, S. S. Pandey, and B. L. Pandey

Biomed Res J 2015;2(2):220-232

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