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Biomedical Research Journal

Volume 1, Issue 2, October 2014, Pages 126–136

Research Article

Cultivation and Cryopreservation of Cord Tissue MSCs with Cord Blood AB Plasma

Manasi Talwadekar † , Darshana Kadekar † , Sonal Rangole, Nikhat Firdaus Khan, Vaijayanti Kale and Lalita Limaye * Stem Cell Laboratory, National Centre for Cell Science, NCCS Complex, University of Pune Campus, Ganeshkhind, Pune, India. † Equal contributors


Neonatal tissues, cord and placenta, are explored as alternate sources of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for their therapeutic applications. Conventionally, MSCs isolated from cord tissues are maintained and propagated in FBS containing medium for promotion of growth and survival of cells. However, for therapeutic use, FBS use is not encouraged as it is of animal origin. Thus, there is a need for replacement of FBS by equally potent and clinically acceptable cost effective sources. The current study is designed to compare the effect of cord blood plasma (CBP) with MSC qualified FBS (M FBS) during culture and cryopreservation of MSCs. MSCs were isolated from cord and placenta and propagated in either M FBS or CBP. The efficiency of the cultures was analyzed by growth curve, morphology, phenotype and functionality. The cryo-protective role of the CBP was evaluated by using it in freezing medium of MSCs. Our data showed that CBP is equivalent to M FBS for culturing placental MSCs with respect to the phenotype, proliferation rate and differentiation to various lineages. However, cord MSCs displayed slow growth rate and reduction in surface expression of CD105 marker in CBP, whereas, the other parameters were comparable. Freezing of MSCs with CBP resulted in reduction of the late apoptotic and necrotic population. Thus, CBP imparts superior protection against cryogenic insults, and appears to be a valuable substitute to M FBS for cultivation and freezing of MSCs.

Key words:

Mesenchymal stem cells, cord, placenta, mesen FBS, cord blood plasma.

*Corresponding Author:

Lalita Limaye, National Centre for Cell Science, NCCS complex, University of Pune Campus, Ganeshkhind, Pune, India. Email:

Cite this article as:

Talwadekar M, Kadekar D, Rangole S, Khan NF, Kale V, Limaye L. Cultivation and cryopreservation of cord tissue MSCs with cord blood AB plasma.

Biomed Res J. 2014;1(2):126–136.

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