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Biomedical Research Journal

October 2014, Volume 1, Issue 2

Editorial: Advances in Biotechnology and Implications in Clinical Medicine

Dhananjaya Saranath and Aparna Khanna

Biomed Res J 2014;1(2):86-89.

Guest Editorial: Next Generation Sequencing in Healthcare

Tania Fernandez

Biomed Res J 2014;1(2):90–94.

Stem Cells and Extra Cellular Matrices: Applications in Tissue Engineering

Meghana Kanitkar and Vaijayanti P. Kale

Biomed Res J 2014;1(2):95–107

Molecular Basis of Reprogramming: Modulation by microRNAs

Akshata Raut and Aparna Khanna

Biomed Res J 2014;1(2):108–125

Cultivation and Cryopreservation of Cord Tissue MSCs with Cord Blood AB Plasma

Manasi Talwadekar, Darshana Kadekar, Sonal Rangole, Nikhat Firdaus Khan, Vaijayanti Kale and Lalita Limaye

Biomed Res J 2014;1(2):126–136

Implications of Cancer Stem Cells in Radiotherapy: Current Understanding and Future Perspectives

Murali M. S. Balla, Amit Kumar and Badri N. Pandey

Biomed Res J 2014;1(2):137–145

An Update on Cancer Prevention Approaches

Girish Maru

Biomed Res J 2014;1(2):146–172

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